Friday, December 19, 2008

eHow is giving away $200 or more for the holidays

The holidays are a time for giving-- not only is eHow extending the holiday promotion, but we are DOUBLING the money we are giving away!

We are extending our holiday promotion until 12/29/2008.  Contribute your original articles now and have a chance to win $200 or more by being featured on the eHow homepage.  Articles must be featured on any day from Monday to Friday and be in one of the following areas: Today's Top How To, Featured How Tos, or the eHow of the Day.  You will receive $100 if your articles are featured on Today's Top How To and Featured How Tos, and $200 if your articles are featured on the eHow of the Day.  We will deposit all winnings in PayPal accounts on December 31st, 2008. 

Want to start earning money for your articles, but aren't currently a member of the eHow Writer Compensation Program?  It's easy, just click here to fill out your information and start earning more money today! 

Increase your chances of getting on the homepage by following these recommendations...

  • Write a timely article.  For ideas on current hot topics visit or  .
  • Check your articles for spelling and grammar.
  • Provide thorough how-to steps-- articles should be easy to read and follow and should give readers a clear action plan for how to succeed.
  • Add your own photos (424x282) to your articles.
  • Make sure your eHow profile is up-to-date -- our readers like to know about the eHow writers.
  • Most importantly:  Write multiple articles-- the more quality articles you submit, the better your chances of getting on the homepage.  User's articles can be featured on the homepage more than once, giving you an opportunity to earn even more!
  • Please note, eHow does not publish plagiarized material. If your submitted articles are found to be taken from another source, you will be disqualified from consideration and your eHow account will be closed.
  • You must submit your articles by the 12/29/2008 to be considered for this opportunity. 

What are you waiting for?  Start writing today and score extra money this holiday season!

here to contribute an article now.

Good luck!

The eHow Team





*Official Rules for Participation in the eHow Homepage Promotion Participants in the "eHow Homepage Promotion" must be enrolled and in good standing in the eHow Writer Compensation Program at all times, as determined by the eHow team.  To qualify under the program, participants must be part of the Writer Compensation Program and submit articles that are the participant's original work, follow the standard eHow writer's guidelines, and be submitted during the designated term of the "eHow Homepage Promotion."  The eHow editorial team has the right to determine whether an article submission is qualified or not in its sole discretion, reasonably exercised. The standard terms and conditions of the eHow Writer Compensation Program still apply.  To qualify for the extra money, your new, original how-to article must be featured in the following sections on the homepage: Today's Top How To and Featured How Tos.  To be eligible, the new articles must be submitted between December 19th, 2008 at 12:01 a.m. PST and by no later than December 29th, 2008 at 11:59 p.m PST.   Articles will be chosen as they are submitted and at the discretion of the eHow editorial team. You can submit more than one article and be published more than once, so be sure to frequently submit new articles to get a chance to earn an extra $100 or more this holiday season.  Payments will be deposited in your PayPal account by December 31, 2008.

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