Friday, September 25, 2009

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How to Survive a Flood by Amy Kniss

Floods cause more damage and deaths each year than any other natural disaster, according to National Weather Service statistics. Recent flooding in the southeast illustrates the catastrophic devastation Mother Nature rains down. Urban dwellers rarely consider weather woes more than an annoyance, yet the buildings, parking lots, roads and expansive concrete surfaces actually increase the risk for flash floods in these densely populated areas. Less exposed soil in these areas also makes it more difficult to absorb rainfall; the runoff increases the potential for a flash flood. Ill equipped to deal with the water flow during heavy and prolonged storms, runoff drains overflow and cause flooding in city streets, homes and businesses. If you want to survive a flood, you need to prepare for it. Keep reading to see how you can avoid being swept away in 6 inches of water--and protect yourself and loved ones during a flood.

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