Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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How to Tango Like Tom DeLay by Amy Kniss

Dance like you’re indicted! Will this be the new catchphrase on “Dancing with the Stars"? It may be if last night's tango by Tom DeLay, the indicted former Republican House majority leader, turns out to be as popular as his flamboyant, rump-bumping romp through the cha-cha-cha. That flashy, high-heeled debut on DWTS left no question that, at 62, the alleged money launderer can still shake his money maker. In fact, DeLay likes a shakedown so much he’ll even do it in rhinestones! Under orders from Dancing’s darling Cheryl Burke (she’s won twice) DeLay’s learned to relinquish his alpha male persona and find (he said) his feminine sideâ€"a move that might serve him well should he share a cell in prison. DeLay even learned to follow Burke’s leadâ€"though he wasn’t so keen with a woman on top when rehearsals started. At least that’s what Burke told a Politics Daily reporter after a dress rehearsal. Dancing’s 2009 premiere featured a shimmery DeLay shaking his thing to the cha-cha-cha, choreographed by Burke, and set to the 1960s hit “Wild Thing.” DeLay’s ostentatious gyrations during his Dancing debut had judges dropping their jaws. Their assessment of the exiled politician: a man with “natural grace,” … “very light on his feet” and “crazier than Sarah Palin.” All of which DeLay takes as compliments, according to columnist Maureen Dowd of The New York Times. If you want to dance like Tom “The Hammer” (a nickname DeLay earned as House Majority leader for his role as enforcer of the Republican party line) DeLay, then slip on those heels and silk shirt: it’s time to tango.

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