Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Edit and Correct a Scanned Image

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How to Edit and Correct a Scanned Image by Richard Burke

Scanning old images and slides is fun and a great way to archive your fading images; however, no matter how hard you try, each scan will have to be edited in an image-editing program. If noting else, you will need to retouch spots and artifacts that have been scanned in. In most cases you will have to adjust the highlight, shadow, saturation and contrast to recreate the lost original. In this article I will show you my method for doing this and hopefully save you some time. I used to always retouch spots and scratches first because they are so annoying. I have learned to do this step last, since adjusting the image may reveal more spots and scratches and I hate having to do the same procedure twice. So read below to discover a method for editing scanned images. In this article I will demonstrate using iPhoto, but the steps are the same regardless of your image-editing program.

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