Friday, October 2, 2009

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How to Keep Cool When Rude is the Norm by Judy Ford

"You lie!" Congressman Joe Wilson screams at our President. Rapper Kanye West storms the stage and steals spotlight on the biggest night of Taylor Swift’s life. Tennis star Serena Williams berates a judge over a botched call. Seinfeld's Michael Richards puts down a fan with a racist rant. What’s with all the rudeness? What’s with these people? Didn't their mother's ever box their ears to put manners on them. Tina Brown, of The Daily Beast, blames the economy and financial frustrations for the short-fuse phenomena that are stalking the nation like a rudeness pandemic. She may, technically, be right--but worldly pressure is a flimsy excuse for such despicable antics. Your mama taught you better. And if you've forgotten what she told you, here’s how you can learn to keep your cool in a rude, rude world.

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