Friday, October 16, 2009

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How to Boost a Healthy Bust

by Gigi Starr

Fashionable ladies know that sexy cleavage is always in style, and that sagging breasts can look really untidy. However, the boob game isn't always a sure bet - even when there are top stylists available to help make magic happen.

"Cosmopolitan Magazine" took a look at some top stars to see how they handle their bosom buddies. Even with the assistance of stylists and fab friends, dressing to accent a healthy bust is still a hit-or-miss proposition. Judging from pictures, it's all too easy to crush, restrict, or otherwise flatten a really great bust line.

Take Lauren Conrad, for instance. Her small, youthful breasts end up becoming lost beneath a tight, confining evening dress bodice that offers little support, combined with an non-supportive open halter neckline. In Cosmopolitan's opinion, "The wide straps [of her dress] press down on Lauren's breasts, making them appear uneven." The solution? Simple underwire cups, which lift and hold the breasts securely.

Also, never forget that the key to a healthy bust is good treatment and care of the breasts. This means regular breast self-examinations and mammograms - not just a drawer full of the latest Wonderbra. With proper dressing and good self-care, beautiful cleavage is just a moment's dressing away.

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