Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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How to Keep Your Office Tryst on the DL by CoastalGuy

With Americans spending more and more time at work, it’s no wonder some people have “office wives” or “office husbands” -- people who become surrogate spouses. But what happens when those relationships cross the line? Not all office relationships are bad; they make the drudgery of work bearable. And some trysts happily become marriages. But those are the happy stories, as rare as lottery winners. Sure Pam and Jim from “The Office” had their ups and downs, but it's make-believe, people! And for every real-life Pam and Jim, there’s a secretive David Letterman love nest that goes up in flames. And some trysts become office nightmares. After a breakup, anything from a ruined reputation, awkwardness and harassment can follow. But love is love; your heart wants what it wants. So, against all reasoning, here are a few things to keep your office tryst under the radar:

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