Monday, November 9, 2009

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How to Remove Embarrassing Photos From Facebook

by Alexia Petrakos

One of the fun things about Facebook is browsing the photos your friends have uploaded of you and them having a good time. But what if it looks like you're having "too much fun?" What would your computer-savvy grandma have to say about the one of you and "octopus-hands" guy at the bar the other night?

Although you can untag yourself from photos, you unfortunately are still there. And there's always the chance another well-meaning friend will just tag you again.

Enter: Wisk-It (yes, the same Wisk that you use in your washing machine), a photo-scrubbing application for Facebook. A few clicks and those pesky photos are gone. Here's how to install and use it to wipe away those unflattering pics--and save yourself from some awkward moments at Thanksgiving.

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