Friday, November 13, 2009

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How to Double Check Your Diagnosis

by Richard Ferri

We have all heard the horrible stories from friends, family members, and even celebrities about being misdiagnosed with a serious medical condition. The latest public figure to join this group of unfortunate people is Suzanne Somers, who announced on the “Early Show” that she had been led to believe she had inoperable cancer for six days before discovering the truth. Somers told the interviewer on the “Early Show" that “For six days, six doctors confirmed I had inoperable cancer. I went into that valley of fear. I saw my death; it was horrible.”

While Somers is not alone in this horrific situation, it is important not to get caught up in the drama that surrounds a celebrity going public with being misdiagnosed. It is easy for people to make the jump to: “if it can happen to a star, then it can happen to me.” While there is a certain amount of truth to that statement, it would be wrong to assume that every diagnosis, serious or not, is a potential medical nightmare waiting to happen. The number of actual medical conditions being misdiagnosed varies greatly and depends on so many variables that it is virtually impossible to determine. The variables that muddy the waters include: the medical diagnosis itself, the clinician, the level of experience of the clinician and many occult or hidden medical problems that patients either do know they have or neglect to share with their provider.

While medical mistakes do happen--one of the best safeguards against them affecting you--is YOU! In this article I will outline steps for preventing incorrect medical diagnoses from happening to you.

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