Sunday, November 15, 2009

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How to Reform a Party Boy

by CoastalGuy

Some things are impossible tasks, universal laws set in stone, literal archetypes of That̢۪s Just The Way It Is. Such examples include trying to comprehend the ever-changing moodscape of the fairer sex, attempting to get between a man and his Super Bowl or trying to see the light go off in your refrigerator. Interfere with these and you risk your health, mental or otherwise.

But lo and behold, Katy Perry, she of "I kissed a girl" song fame has succeeded where so many others have failed: reforming a Party Boy. She's quelled British comedian and celebrated Lothario Russell Brand into submission. After years of playful promiscuity, he is thinking of monogamy and (gasp!) family.

Other women throughout time have managed this Herculean feat. Think Catherine Zeta-Jones lassoing ladies' man Michael Douglas or Annette Bening with the Original Player Warren Beatty. But the list is short, and for a reason. Timid Theresas need not apply.

The path ahead is treacherous, but should you try to reform your own Promiscuous Paul, here are a few tips.

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