Thursday, November 12, 2009

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How to Stop a Web Imposter

by zpadmore

Saturday Night Live earns its comedy stripes by impersonating entertainers and politicians. These days, character impersonations have moved to the web. Twitter had to establish a separate login account where celebrities verify their identifies because of all the imposters.

Celebrities aren't the only ones who protect their public brand. A young comedian took on the identity of Burger King's spokesperson the King on Twitter. His ruse went on for months gaining popularity until Burger King took over the account.

How far will you go to protect your brand or web identity? Some imposters act as culture jammers using identities to create conversation. Conservative blogger Donal Blaney had a leftwing imposter tweeting in favor of his opposing party's policies. Blaney, an attorney, sent his lawyer to deal with his imposter. He makes history as the first plaintiff to send an injunction via Twitter.

Since Twitter is now the source for instant public statements from public figures (R.I.P. Publicists, 2009), an imposter can prove costly to one's reputation. Though most of us are not celebrities, an old enemy may have a bit of fun tampering with our online identities. Follow these steps to protect your online identity.

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