Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Donate Your Cell Phone to Change the World

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How to Donate Your Cell Phone to Change the World

by Alexia Petrakos

Cell phone technology advances quickly, and incentives to get a new phone every two years aren't easy to pass up. It's no surprise that most of us end up with a drawer full of old, but still functional cell phones taking up space. Tossing them in the trash isn't a good option either, because mercury and other toxic chemicals could leech out of the phones.

You could trade your old cell phone for cash, but how about putting it to better use? There are lots of organizations out there that help you donate your cell phone to a charity that will either refurbish and give the phone to someone in need or sell it and use the money to further the charity's good works.

Here is how you can change the world--one cell phone at a time.

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