Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Stop Drafts Under Doors Decoratively

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How to Stop Drafts Under Doors Decoratively

by F.R.R. Mallory

As houses age, they wear and settle, and often the seals around exterior doors become less functional, causing drafts. If your winter heat or summer cooling is escaping through an under-door draft, you need a draft stopper. Let's face it, drafty doors waste money. They are energy inefficient, and yet rehanging or reweatherstripping an entire door may be beyond what a homeowner is able to accomplish. One way to get around this problem is with a draft stopper. These are essentially tubes made of fabric that are stuffed with fill. They do work, but only if you remember to put them into place. And, they often are made of unattractive fabric scraps. A draft stopper should be both functional and decorative. Ours is called "Surprise Kitty" and once you install this draft stopper, it will move with your door, solving the problem of forgetting to use it. In addition, it attaches to any door without damaging the door.

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