Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to Leggo My Eggo

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How to Leggo My Eggo

by Linda Natali

Leggo my Eggo! Seriously, I mean it, man! Leggo my eggo! The delightfully delicious, fluffy, golden, circular waffle is being rationed to grocery stores around the country.

Why, you ask? A flood in Atlanta shut down one of Kelloggs' bakeries and renovations are taking longer than expected at their Tennessee bakery. As a result, the waffles are nowhere to be found. Kelloggs has decided to ration the tasty, slightly sweet, breakfast discs rather than raise the price until their bakeries are back to full production in mid 2010.

If Eggos are a morning must, wipe a way your tears; the situation isn't as grim as it sounds. Read on to implement a plan to keep your freezer full of your favorite Eggo waffles until the rationing subsides and the frenzy for the frozen food comes to an end.

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